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Fishing Charters | Fishing Guides | Outfitters

Fishing is without a doubt one of the worlds biggest past time. Ask anyone you know and chances are they have been, will be going or would like to go - fishing. We have assembled a web directory for fishing in hopes of bringing folks out to enjoy this amazing sport.

Fishing Guides

Professional Men and women who dedicate themselves to sharing the sport of fishing with others. Teaching, sharing the passion, taking them fishing be it on a boat, walking down a stream or on a lake. Fishing is a bond many of us share as strangers. Fishing guides help us feel like pros our first day out.

Fishing Charters

Charter boats and services. Fishing captains that run a charter boat for any type of charter. Fishing charters are "for hire" paid fishing boats that take you "the client" fishing. Generally licensed Coast Guard Captains where required. Fishing charter can be a fishing guide on a boat. Some fishing charters have mates and crew.

Outfitters | Lodges | Camps

Some destinations have Fishing lodges, fishing camps or outfitters. They are listed in the state regions and in the Outfitter section. Outfitters, lodges and camps offer place to stay, fishing guide, destination water to fish, tackle and food. All inclusive except for air fare.

Fishing Forums

Fishermen love to talk about fishing. Check out the latest gossip, hot spots and fishing techniques being shared on any one of the countries top fishing forums.

Blogs About Fishing

Fishing guides and outfitters really like to share what they are doing on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There are a ton of fishing blogs out there full of information about destinations and fishing.

Fishing Report Sites

Keep up on the fishing reports from the areas you would like to fish. This is one of the best ways to chose a great fishing guide for the first time. If the fishing report is fresh, they must be fishing..


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